Alphabet, Blockchain, and Recovering Lost Ground


What happened?

Sergey Brin, Google President and Co-Founder, said that Alphabet ‘failed to be on the bleeding edge’ with respect to Blockchain at an invite-only Blockchain summit, hosted by Richard Branson last week in Morocco.

Why does it matter?

Google, otherwise known for embracing revolutionary technologies, such as A.I., early on, has so far kept its fingers off Blockchain. Especially Google X, the company’s secret research lab, has frequently experimented with cutting-edge technologies over the past decade. This led to various promising projects, including ‘Project Loon’, intended to bring Internet access to remote regions, and ‘Waymo’, focused on self-driving cars.

What’s next?

While Alphabet hasn’t announced any Blockchain projects, rumours about the company exploring potential use cases of the technology have circulated for a while. It’s widely speculated that Google, as an Alphabet division, is working on its own Blockchain-related technology to support its cloud business line. In this case, Google could reassure its clients that their data is safely stored. According to pundits, Alphabet has been a leading acquirer of start-ups involved in the field. While not much has been announced officially, much more can be expected to come from the company that prides itself in being an Internet pioneer.


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