A Second New Government in Europe Within Two Days

What happened?

Besides Italy, Spain also received a new government after former PM Mariano Rajoy lost a confidence vote. The vote was caused by corruption scandals within Rajoy’s conservative Partido Popular (PP). Pedro Sanchez of the Social Party (PSOE) replaces Rajoy.

Why does it matter?

Sanchez will lead a minority government in the Spanish lower-house, just as Rajoy did. The lack of concessions, in the form of cabinet positions, towards the parties that supported Sanchez’ motion is interesting. Sanchez will have to carefully calibrate his policies to appease other parties in order to pass legislation, as his party only holds 84 seats – with an absolute majority requiring 176 seats.

What’s next?

The two most pressing questions the latest developments in Spain pose relate to the European Union and Catalonia. With respect to both issues, no major disruptions to the status-quo ought to be expected. The new Spanish government (PSOE) is a center-left party that will place value on the modus operandi, ensuring Spain’s continued economic recovery. While Sanchez offered forums for dialogue with Catalonia, neither will Madrid under his rule be open for Catalan independence.




© Photo: http://elestimulo.com/blog/pedro-sanchez-asume-como-presidente-en-espana-tras-salida-de-rajoy/

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